Summary of Spray construction photos

These photos in the links below will (hopefully) record the construction and continuing life of our Bruce Roberts
'Centennial Spray 38'.
MANY thanks to for making the project happen!

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Click on a month below to see what we've been up to.....


Mar 2001
Laying out plans, making and standing frames
April 2001
Building the transom and starting the fore-and-aft planking
May 2001
Completing the fore-and-aft planking
June 2001
Planking the double diagonal hull layers
July 2001
Building the keel deadwood and the stem, fairing the hull
Aug 2001
Fairing the hull, turning over and cleaning up inside
Sept 2001
Coating the hull interior, fitting the frames and bulkheads
Oct 2001
Fitting the bulkheads, side decks and tankage
Nov 2001
MORE tankage, fore deck framing and anchor locker
Dec 2001
STILL more tankage and bowsprit
Jan 2002
Completing the tanks, constructing the rudder and beginning cabinetry
Feb 2002
Finalising the rudder, cabinetry, finish coating forepeak and under deck beams
Mar 2002
More cabinetry, completing the finishing of side and foredeck beams. Fitting the side deck and foredeck.
April 2002
Still more cabinetry, fitting the cabin side combings and ballast keel, and installing the motors.
May/June 2002
STILL more cabinetry, installing earth bonding strap, fitting the port side cabin combings, and finishing the motor installation.
July 2002
STILL more cabinetry (aft cabin, saloon, galley and navigatorium), building the cockpit and starting plumbing and electrical work.
Aug/Sep/Oct 2002
STILL more cabinetry (aft cabin, saloon, galley and navigatorium), continuing plumbing and electrical work and fitting the rudder.
Nov 2002
Completing cabinet work, beginning cabin top.
Dec 2002
Installing cabin beams and engine room sound insulation.
Jan/Feb 2003
Finishing the cabin top beams and installing the cabin top.
Mar/Apr 2003
Trimming out hatches, making main companionway, glassing decks and laying teak.
May 2003
Fitting cutwater, caulking teak deck, constructing cockpit screen, fitting cap rail and fairleads.
June 2003
Laminating trailboards, finishing teak deck, fairleads and cap rail, completing cockpit fit-out, making deck organisers, starting to locate deck and sailing hardware and fastening earth strap to keel.
July/Aug 2003
Painting the cabin top, laminating the cabin sole overlay, and completing lots of other important LITTLE jobs.
Sep 2003
Completion of the cabin top painting, completion of cabin sole overlay, saloon table and MORE important LITTLE jobs.
Oct 2003
Installation of cabin top hardware, hatches and ports. Painting of topsides. Interior door trim, fiddles and bunk fronts.
Nov 2003
Completing the installation of cabin top hardware, hatches and ports. Moving the boat from shed to hardstand. Building a teak bowsprit platform and painting interior doors and removeable panels
Dec 2003
Stepping the rig and fitting the bowsprit platform. Having a REST! J
Jan - July 2004
Installing electrical, fuel, heating and freshwater, saltwater and bilge plumbing systems.
Aug - Oct 2004
Still installing electrical, fuel, heating and freshwater, saltwater and bilge plumbing systems. Sanding and Everduring the cabin sole.
Nov 04 - Jan 2005
Sanding, resinning and filling all of the interior bulkheads in preparation for paint. Applying the first coat of undercoat and MORE sanding.
Feb/Mar 2005
Sanding the interior high build undercoat, installing the aft rail, remasking for the final interior undercoat, and sanding the final interior undercoat.
Apr/May 2005
Sanding the interior Perfection undercoat, installing the bow rail, remasking for the final interior topcoat, final interior painting, bootstriping, antifouling, final installation of interior systems, installation of propeller and running up of motor.
June 2005
Unmasking the interior, preparing for launch, LAUNCHING and taking a break!
Through to Nov 2006
Back to the boat after a VERY long hiatus. Finishing the dodger, doing interior varnish work and installing deck gear. First SAIL!!!!!!
2012 to 2013
Cruising through Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand. Photos to come!
COnstructing and fitting new hard dodger.

(But then there's the OTHER passion!!)

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